The Best Driveaway Awnings For Your Camper [2020]

The Best Driveaway Awnings For Your Camper [2020]
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Is there anything better than hitting the open road and going on an epic VanLife Adventure? Picture the scene: You finally arrive at your camp location, park up, switch the engine off, and begin to get everything set up. For some, depending on the type of campervan you have, as well as how long you expect to camp, over time, it may get a bit cramped. Wouldn’t it be nice to just magically add an extra room to your super-awesome adventure machine? That’s where a driveaway awning comes in! What Are Driveaway Awnings? Simply put, a drive away awning is a specially developed free-standing tent that attaches to the side of your campervan. The key difference to a regular campervan awing is a driveaway awning can be detached from the body of your vehicle in a matter of second. This then allows you to drive away in, leaving the awning standing for when you return. What Is A Driveaway Awning For? Over the last few years, the popularity of drive away awnings have explod.... Continue Reading at Van Life Adventure

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