So What’s The New Gear For The RV three things I need for sure

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So what's the new gear for the RV? Well, there’s actually a lot of new gear for the RV for sure, however in this video I’m showing off just 3 things. Gear that you may or may not need, but for me they are all musts for the 2021 RV season. So what's the new gear for the RV? I’ve got a new TV mount that I picked up. My old one is basically toast, so I nabbed one up and going to install that this year. When my old grill died on me last season, I started going on the hunt for a new grill and found one. It’s a tabletop mini smoker, Memphis style, so I’m very excited to take that onto the road this year.And finally, the search is on for a new right side mirror for the RV. I made it through last year, but need a new one for sure this year. Three critical pieces of new gear for the RV that I can’t wait to install and start using. For more inside information, make sure you head on over to Also, don’t forget to click and subscribe.... Continue Reading at RV Jedeye

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