RVE 198: How to Make $5,500 in a Week Flipping RVs

RVE 198: How to Make $5,500 in a Week Flipping RVs
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Today on the podcast I bring on my friend Cortni from the Flipping Nomad. Cortni’s story is unbelievably inspiring. Six years ago she was borderline homeless, struggling to take over her dad’s businesses (who recently had a stroke), and moved into a fifth wheel as her only housing option. Just six years later, Cortni has built a thriving RV renovation (aka flipping) business and recently partnered with Keystone to create a truly unique and never before seen fifth wheel. Some people even refer to her as the “Joanna Gaines of the RV industry”. In this episode we talk about how: Cortni stumbled backwards into RV life and then made the most of a bad situation Pre-sold her RV renovations on Instagram Went from zero experience in renovations to making $5,500 in one week on her favorite flip ever She caught the attention of one of the biggest RV companies who extended a once in a lifetime opportunity for her This podcast was a blast .... Continue Reading at Heath And Alyssa

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