Rushing to Germany

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The restrictions in Spain didn’t seem very promising. Especially for non-residents like Marco and me. After staying a couple of weeks in our vans in a parking lot on Lanzarote, we tried to get back to our home countries. We boarded the ferry from Arrecife to Cádiz on a Sunday night at 1am. Crossing the Atlantic Marco was lucky and could park his smaller Volkswagen T3 on deck, so he could sleep and relax in his van isolated from the other passengers. I was told to park my truck under deck, so I couldn’t access it during the ferry ride. I didn’t feel like staying with the other passengers in the public seating areas, so I slept outside in a quite corner on deck. The air was a little cold at night but quickly warmed up in the morning when the sun was shining. Dropping Marco at the airport After a calm but boring ferry ride lasting for 34 hours, we finally arrived in Cádiz. Marco’s engine sounded really bad. Probably a worn out bearing. H.... Continue Reading at Ruby On Wheels

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