Richly Rewarded By Rancher For Helping Calf, Tin -11- 12

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Remember The Calf I Saw In Pasture Eating Plastic While Bringing Back Blue Ponderosa Pine To Tiny House? Well, today I stopped at closest rancher to the field and asked him if that was his calf. Turns out it was! Older rancher RICHLY rewards my efforts to keep him from eating plastic and dying. Also, the woof pack and I go looking for underpinning metal for the Purple Tiny House. Hope you enjoy! CVK -support CVK here For As Little As $1 Per Month You Can Support The Channel Directly Here! I See This As Nothing More Than A Tip Jar. If You Get Value And/Or Entertainment From My Work Please Consider Tipping Me For My Work. IT IS VERY MUCH APPRECIATED. Pledging Just A Little Here Shows Me Just How Much My Hard Work Means To My Viewers I Create Content For! THANK YOU! This Helps Keep Gas In The RV Tank And The Woof Pack And I On The Road Making Content For You! - Paypal for Stickers $6 For Long "WOOF" Stic.... Continue Reading at Campervan Kevin

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