Packing for Van Life: How to Fit your Stuff into 100 SF

Packing for Van Life: How to Fit your Stuff into 100 SF
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Transitioning into life on the road and packing up for van life can be a mixed bag of emotions: excitement, anxiety, more excitement, fear, joy, confusion – all in one day! Downsizing your life into less than 100 sq ft. is a big deal. Making the move to travel in a van at all whether part-time or full-time takes both mental and physical preparation for a smooth transition.

If you’re used to moving, camping, and traveling around frequently, then transitioning into van life might feel natural, but it certainly comes with its own unique set of circumstances. If you’ve got a 2500 sq. ft. home with pets and kids, then packing up for van life and moving into a tiny space will bring some challenges. Either way, the point is that it’s a process, so be easy on yourself.

In this module, we’ll be discussing all things packing and prepping for life on the road – from clothing to health insurance and everything in between. We’ll get i.... Continue Reading at Bear Foot Theory

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