Our Top 10 Favorite Meals to Cook in the RV

Our Top 10 Favorite Meals to Cook in the RV
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There’s only one meal I can think of that I can’t cook in an RV that I can cook in a house: Thanksgiving Turkey. Our home on wheels has an oven, three-burner stove, microwave, fridge, ice maker. And sure, the counter space is small. But it has everything I need to cook three meals a day. I LOVE cooking. I’ve always loved eating, but after my daughter was born last year and I had a strange amount of time on my hands, I started playing more in the kitchen. Today I wanted to share with you the top 10 meals that I love to cook in our RV. Just for the record, we took into consideration a lot of serious food contenders for this top ten list. Classics like chili, spaghetti, burgers, or chicken fried rice were all considered. Even new recipes we’ve picked up lately like chicken tikka masala and black vinegar glazed pork chops. But ultimately, the following top ten outshine anything else we could ever cook. Buon appetito! Top Ten RV Meals I know. I .... Continue Reading at Heath And Alyssa

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