Nathan & Winter’s Favorite Camping Gear

Nathan & Winter’s Favorite Camping Gear
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Once upon a time I convinced this lovely mountain girl to live in an old VW Bus with me and travel around. Via various pursuits through the wilderness, we ended up with a few roustabouts tagging along, and while all of them have proven themselves venerable road warriors, this fellow pictured–who goes by the name of Winter–is my main man when it comes to all things birding, canoeing, bike riding, making campfires and generally being outdoors.

Here are some of our collectively favorite camping gear, heavily moderated by myself as he just chose five of his favorite Lego creations. “Legos are a major part of camping, Daddo,” he insists, but then we decided we might focus on stuff that is specifically and only for the great outdoors.

GCI Outdoor Camping Chair We absolutely crush camping chairs. Living on the road, ours get used every single day, all day long. As long as there’s a buttcheek in their presence, someone will be sitting .... Continue Reading at Campendium

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