Living Full-Time Van Life in a Holiday Inn Shuttle Bus

Living Full-Time Van Life in a Holiday Inn Shuttle Bus
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Hi, I’m Hilary! For the past three months, I’ve been living full-time out of my 1999 Holiday Inn shuttle bus that I built out with the help of my parents. We started the build in December 2019 and finished in May 2020. I stay financially afloat through a couple of remote, part-time marketing jobs and have spent the summer exploring the Pacific Northwest. What drove me to this lifestyle was a love of travel, a desire for the “unknown”, and a refusal to let fear run my life. But the way I went about making this change included many detours and re-routes, so to speak.

Leading Up to My Decision to Try Living Full-Time Van Life Van life had been in the back of my mind for a while and two years into a corporate marketing job, I was having more “career pathing” conversations with my manager. I was watching colleagues push for promotions and friends dive into relationships, but I could never give my manager an answer for my own path. Finally, I beg.... Continue Reading at Go Van

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