IMPRESSIVE Van Conversion With STUNNING BAMBOO INTERIOR // How VanLife Helped Beat Depression & PTSD

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Get the Van Conversion Guide: FOLLOW his on INSTAGRAM; FOLLOW him on TIKTOC; Have a listen to his PODCAST here; And check out his website to have him BUILD YOU A VAN; This film was shot by Bryan here; About this van: Shane quite college at age 19 and got out working. By age 25 he'd already bought his own house, then just before he turned 30 he sold up and used the profit to buy this van, featured here. During his 20s he suffered from anxiety, depression & PTSD, which he felt were linked to being tied down to living in a house and everything that comes with that. Building his own van and committing to full-time vanlife were the best decisions he had made and he feels his new nomadic life has helped exponentially with his issues. His self-build campervan is a real work of art and craftsmanship and features a stunning wooden interior, rear shower and not one but two fridges! Connect with Nate Murphy: 📸 Nate is on Instagram: #vanconversion #vanlife #vantour

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