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These vegan cheese curds are unbelievable! Seriously, you won't believe they're vegan! We're showing you how to make vegan cheese with just 6 ingredients so they are easy for vanlife. Join us every Wednesday for Ride and Eat, a cooking video series by plant based chef Nat. Easy recipe for that vegan vanlife ⬇️ CHEESE CURDS recipe : We recently spent time in Wisconsin where dairy farms are everywhere, so we're paying homage by making our own vegan mozzarella cheese. You heard that right, homemade vegan cheese! You won't believe these fried cheese curds are plant based. They stretch when you break them apart and simply melt in your mouth. Step up your plant based cooking with this easy vegan recipe for fried cheese curds. You don’t have to be a pro vegan chef to make these as It takes just 6 ingredients to make this vegan melty cheese. You&rsqu.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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