HOW TO FIND FREE CAMPSITES AS A FULL TIME VAN LIFER | Why we use the ioverlander app for boondocking

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If you're a full time van lifer, you need to know how to find free campsites. We absolutely recommend using the ioverlander app for boondocking and for finding free camping every where you go. Watch Next: WHY WE CHOSE VAN LIFE We’ve been living in a van for a year and a half and we’ve only paid for a campsite 3 times. How is it possible that we find campsites at no cost? Watch this video to see how full time van lifers find free camping via the ioverlander app. You'll want to see our top 7 tips for accessing free camping everywhere. We even include an ioverlander tutorial. Use our van life camping tips and tricks to make planning your camping trip much easier. We hope this video helps you discover budget friendly camping for your next boondocking adventure. Catch you next week! Peace, Nat and Abi ~ Lets Play Ride and Seek LET’S PLAY every day, RIDE the open road AND SEEK new adventure at every turn. .... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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