How to Choose a Base Vehicle for your Campervan Conversion

How to Choose a Base Vehicle for your Campervan Conversion
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Choosing Your Base Vehicle is an Important First Step

Choosing a base vehicle for your campervan conversion is probably the first thing you need to do once you’ve decided to embark on this exciting project!  Campervans come in all sorts of shapes and sizes.  Each of them has their own benefits as well as aspects that may not work for you or might require you to be more creative with.  Some base vehicles lend themselves to tried and tested layouts but we’re always amazed by the inventive options people come up with! It can be a daunting thing, knowing which base vehicle to choose for you campervan conversion that will work perfectly for you and your needs.  If only there were some sort of online resource that gave you tonnes of helpful information and answered all your questions… oh hang on! We’ll go over the basics here but for more in-depth information, we’ve got a virtual workshop you can get access to. The workshop.... Continue Reading at Quirky Campers

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