How to buy or sell a campervan during the Coronavirus outbreak

How to buy or sell a campervan during the Coronavirus outbreak
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Please check the NHS and Government websites for up-to-date official advice as this may have change since writing this blog. Can you buy a campervan during the Covid-19 pandemic? Should you be selling yours? The Government advice has been very clear that during this pandemic, wherever possible, people should stay at home. Most people are allowed to go out for essentials though, so you might be wondering if buying a vehicle counts? We would say it doesn’t. Sellers can still list their vans, answer questions etc. and buyers are welcome to peruse our campervan sales page. But we’d recommend that you delay the actual transfer of the vehicle until the current lockdown rules are changed. The health and safety of buyer, seller and the public are of paramount importance. All that being said, there will be circumstances where the transfer of a vehicle cannot be avoided or where it’s permitted within the Government guidelines. So here are a few t.... Continue Reading at Quirky Campers

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