How to Annoy Every Other Camper at the Campground

How to Annoy Every Other Camper at the Campground
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Writer’s note: We think any camper is a great camper, and the more people enjoying the outdoors, the better. This is a cautionary tale from my own experiences with terrible campers terrorizing a campground, written with a heavy dose of sarcasm. Reader beware.

Some people go camping to get away from full email inboxes and endless Instagram scrolling. Others go to share a few cold ones over a campfire with their best friends.

The Best Biodegradable Soaps for Camping Then there are those people who roll into the campground with speakers blasting so loud that it makes you wonder what you did wrong to deserve this cold, cold campsite karma.

Wondering how you, too, can harness some of their weekend-ruining power? Here’s your comprehensive guide to pissing off other people in the woods.

Quiet Hours Are for the Weak Loud music, lots of beer bottles and litter: the perfect recipe for pissing other campers off. Photo: Fotovika/Shutterstock .... Continue Reading at Men's Journal Adventure

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