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VAN LIFE COSTS: Our monthly expenses and budget for living in a van and traveling full time. Just interested in numbers/info? Click here for the written version, our blog post on this subject: How much does it cost to live the van life dream? In this video we're sharing our average monthly expenses to give you an idea of the true cost of living in a van. We knew living in a van would cost less than living in a house, but we didn't know exactly how much we'd spend until we experienced it firsthand. After nearly 2 years on the road, we are finally sharing what we've learned. Hopefully, this helps YOU gauge how much living in a van would cost you and what your 1 month van life expenses may look like. Got any specific questions for us? Comment below! VIDEO CHAPTERS INTRO 0:00 Fixed Expenses 01:54 Fuel 04:48 Food 06:15 Fun 08:10 Repairs 10:16 Total Monthly Costs 11:36 Other Costs 12:18 Conclusion 14:14 What is the secret to affordable travel? Is van life e.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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