Handy Tips for Living Out of Your Car During a Road Trip

Handy Tips for Living Out of Your Car During a Road Trip
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Luxury takes on new meaning when one attempts to live out of one’s car and. And on long road trips, it can be especially tricky to navigate your increasingly shrinking living space.

But master a few simple rules of the road and you’ll save both time and money so you can get where you’re going faster—and enjoy the road how it’s meant to be enjoyed: by car.

Welcome to the Wonderful World of #Bikefishing Here, a few suggestions for making the most of your auto-shelter.

Bring Along the Baby Wipes and Dryer Sheets The first thing to go on a road trip? That fresh, just-showered scent. Baby wipes are a cheap and portable shower alternative that can effectively fend off body odor for a few days.

Use them to refresh feet, hands and armpits, and give your face a good wiping before you hit the hay so your pillow will stay clean. Slip dryer sheets into your suitcase and inside of empty shoes to prevent any other smells from .... Continue Reading at Men's Journal Adventure

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