Finding Authentic Baja in Santa Rosalía on the Coast

Finding Authentic Baja in Santa Rosalía on the Coast
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Some of us take vacation to escape or reset. Full-time travel doesn’t work that way. It isn’t a sabbatical with an end in sight. It’s a lifestyle that brings every normal problem with it. All of our character flaws, relationship issues, and financial concerns accompany us along the way. Though the scenery may change, our circumstances may not.

So we find ourselves on a beautiful beach we can’t quite enjoy because we’re being dive-bombed by black flies. Something so simple can provoke deep doubts. How will we hack it in Africa? We’re not sure yet.

Or we find ourselves taking a break from the roof top tent for one night in a local hotel, but the novel setting is marred by a phone call to an aging parent, followed by difficult conversations about What We Should Do.

Full-time travel can make some things easier. It narrows our choices. It forces us to confront our flaws–to knock the dents out of our metallic ski.... Continue Reading at Jeepsies

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