Everything You Need to Know About Camping Hammocks

Everything You Need to Know About Camping Hammocks
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The idea of camping—that is, sleeping outside overnight—in a hammock is a very romantic notion but without proper research and planning it can turn into a rather horrible experience. Hammock camping has been around for centuries and the word “hammock” itself comes from the Taíno (Caribbean) language meaning “fishnet” as that’s just what early hammocks were made of. Now we have sophisticated fabrics, mostly types of nylon, to hold us up in rest and slumber and they have become incredibly lightweight and durable. This article is specific to outdoor recreation hammocks, not cotton or decorative woven rope style hammocks. That said, most outdoor recreation hammocks are very similar and for anyone without any particular needs most hammocks will do the job. The differences come down to the details and the combinations users are looking for. This article will delve into some of those details and get anyone interested in hammock camping on th.... Continue Reading at Campendium

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