Campfire Recipe: Sweet Potato and Ham Breakfast Packets

Campfire Recipe:  Sweet Potato and Ham Breakfast Packets
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Nothing beats getting up in the morning to the smell of breakfast cooking but frankly I hate to have a lot of dishes to do that early in the morning.  One way of preventing this situation is to cook breakfast in a foil packet.  The packet itself becomes the mixing bowl and plate all in one, which means I only have to wash eating utensils.  Yeah, now I can get on with camping but……Another thing I hate is what to do with leftovers.  While I want to make sure my family and camping guests are well feed, it never fails I have some leftovers or self-made leftovers.  Secretly, I have cooked an extra sweet potato or two so I could have this dish for breakfast the next morning.  But regardless of how I get leftovers, the recipe below is the answer to this problem.  The best part is there is no waste and the breakfast below tastes like I toiled over the campfire for hours.  Well, we really know the truth. 

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