Camper Van Water System

Camper Van Water System
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Having a supply of water is possibly the most essential thing you’ll need in your camper van. Cooking, drinking, washing, bathing… Water is essential for just about every aspect of living.

This article covers the different types of water systems you might want to have in your van, from the most basic to the most advanced, and everything else you could want to know about storing water in your van.

Water capacity Figuring out how much water you’ll need to carry on board will depend on two things: how much water you use on average a day, and how long you plan to go between refills.

If you’re frugal with water and only shower around once a week (welcome to van life) you can get away with only having to refill your tanks once every week or so, but if you plan to consume water as if you were in a house or you have a family on board then you’ll need some added water storage capacity.

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