BIG PROBLEMS WITH OUR TINY HOUSE | (reality of van life)

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Get your own custom haircare and 20% off your first set with our link Thank you to Function of Beauty for sponsoring this video BIG PROBLEMS WITH OUR TINY HOUSE | (reality of van life) We’re having some big problems with our tiny house on wheels. The reality of van life is that van life can suck- things are always in the air. We’re having problems with our sprinter campervan (maintenance and turns out to be much more) and these are things you can almost never prepare for... the good thing is that when this is all over we’re looking forward to saying goodbye to our rough week, packing up our minimalist tiny house and heading off grid to enjoy nature and vlog our life as a van life couple. We’re happy we can share the highs and lows with you! We may have to start building our own off grid home like Trent & Allie after this week 😂 Get you VAN some WHEELS! IKon KUSTOMS- Surrey BC 1(614) 594 0490 Join the Patreo.... Continue Reading at Van Wives

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