Best Campervan Bedding Options

Best Campervan Bedding Options
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When it comes to living in a van, a little bit of home comfort can go a long way. Just like picking the right camper van mattress, your choice of bedding can have a huge impact on your comfort and sleep quality. 

It all comes down to two things: climate and storage. Traveling through warm climates you’ll want lightweight sheets to keep you cool at night, while for colder climates you’ll want to layer up with the warmest materials available. But if you don’t have a fixed bed you’ll need to balance the bulk with your available storage space for when the covers aren’t on the bed. And even if you do have a fixed bed, you may find keeping a few extra blankets around for those chilly nights will vastly improve your sleep quality.

Materials Wool has the advantage of being naturally antibacterial as it draws moisture away from the skin. It’s also good at insulating, durable and compact to fold away, but.... Continue Reading at Outbound Living

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