Beautiful People

Beautiful People
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I shared my struggles with my followers on Instagram and two beautiful people stepped up to pitch in for a new Buddy heater. I felt so grateful that all I had to do to be warm again, was take a ride to the local Home Depot to pick it up.

I grabbed my new heater, strapped that sucker to the back of my bike and made one more stop at the local pet food store. I had noticed Atreyu’s appetite had decreased but once again, I couldn’t tell if this was his normal pickiness or related to him feeling sick. I decided to buy all the different food he could eat (which is a pretty limited selection since he is allergic to chicken and a former diabetic which means no grains). I made my way back home with my goods to hopefully remedy all that troubled me.

I enticed Atreyu to eat a little of the new spread, fired up the heater and got to work researching my options for fixing my transmission. I made phone call after phone call with no good leads. Only one local shop w.... Continue Reading at A Girl and Her Commander

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