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Get the Tiny House Building Guide: Sarah has her own youtube and website: Sarah is an artist living in her Dream Tiny House. Her house is one of those you will never forget! Not only it's pink, but it's also very different from most of the houses you've seen online. The Victorian/vintage look, pastel colours, collections of heartwarming souvenirs - it's charming and how Sarah says - it feels lived in! House is also unique due to the purpose of its storage where the majority of space is dedicated to Sarah's art supplies. In addition to that, Sarah is Living in her Tiny House with two dogs. Sarah gives a full Tiny House tour and also openly shares the price of the house and how she is planning to become fully financially independent in 5 years and even save money to buy her own land. Enjoy the video just like Sarah is enjoying her life in the pink tiny house! Find Sarah: YOUTUBE: INSTAGRAM: WEBSITE: Get the Tiny House Building Guide: Connect with Nate Murphy: 📸 Nate is on Instagram: #tinyhouse #alternativeliving

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