AN ACCIDENT IN THE HOUSE 😱 // And Dei leaves 💔

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Edelrid Ropes are damn good: 3rdRock - Sustainable Active Wear: LIKE THIS? Share this series with a friend who might too. Accidents happen, or so they say! Anyway after walking over the floor for a few days carrying a ton of cement in or a ton of rubble out the floor broke when Dei walked on it and it did her an injury. Otherwise, life goes on in renovation land, plastering, planning, shopping and building work. Exhausted much - yes, but the pain is temporary and glory is forever. Dei was not so sure... Have a look at Dei's Channel here... ❤️ 📸 CREW: Nate is on Instagram: Ezra Insta - Dei Insta - #vanlife #renovation #housebuilding

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