A New Adventure Truck Is In The Works!

A New Adventure Truck Is In The Works!
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Hi friends and fellow travelers! It’s been far too long….

You see, since one of our last posts about choosing to sell the truck, things have been moving mighty quickly and a LOT has changed for us. To start, let’s quickly bring everyone up to speed:

We sold the truck this past spring and its new owner picked it up in mid-July here in Alaska. Why did we sell the truck? Well, we’re not ready to give up adventure travel anytime soon, so we’re building a new Global Expedition Vehicle to more closely match our new circumstances and goals. (More detail on that in one of our last posts). So if you see the big white truck somewhere across the US, it’s no longer us! The new owner plans to use the truck as a base camp for photography and exploring. A few of our “transitional” abodes in Alaska after the truck was picked up by its new owner this summer.

We decided to make Palmer, Alaska our home base and literally JUST put a.... Continue Reading at Two If Overland

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