9 Best Ways You Can Eat Healthy on the Road

9 Best Ways You Can Eat Healthy on the Road
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Eating healthy as a full-time RVer can be challenging. We are constantly on the go (literally) and exposed to many local temptations. Half of the fun of being a nomad is immersing yourself into the local culture and taking in all that a new area has to offer. This includes nice restaurants, food trucks, hole-in-the-wall eateries, Ma & Pop bakeries, breweries, and on and on.

1. Adjust Your Mindset Work for what you want, and work with what you got. It is really easy to come up with excuses for why you can’t follow through with eating healthy. I’ve heard them all:

“I don’t like vegetables”
“My kitchen is too small”
“My fridge freezes lettuce”
“There is no healthy food in the South” …wait, what?

If you continue to think in terms of can’t, then you never will. Embrace the power of positive thinking. Start being honest with yourself and be clear that you a.... Continue Reading at Campendium

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