4 Days in Savannah

4 Days in Savannah
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No teacher becomes a teacher in order to have those delicious spring and summer (okay, and fall and winter) breaks but I’d be lying if it doesn’t keep us locked in once we start. (JK, kids, I love my job but mama’s gotta take it easy every once in a while). Today we discuss the infamous break, that which movies are made about and tweens the world over plan for months, if not years in advance: SPRING BREAK. Spring Break definitely isn’t what it once was (see ya, Cabo) but it still serves that same purpose of relaxation and recharging. This year Luke and I traded in margaritas and bikinis for mint juleps and pastels.

Why Savannah? For one, I’ve had an eerie obsession with the south since I was a kid. My elementary years were filled with novels that took placed in Alabama, Louisiana, Georgia etc. Later on, my nose could be seen buried deep in the pages of a Nicholas Sparks masterpiece (yeah I said it) and aesthetically, the whole area has had my hear.... Continue Reading at Via The Van

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