21 Questions Everyone Asks Us About Living in an RV

21 Questions Everyone Asks Us About Living in an RV
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Listen to this blog in podcast form:  Jumping into living in an RV brings on a ton of questions. Most of them are pretty basic, like, where do you dump your poop? That one is easy to answer, we actually hired a guy to follow us around and he manually dumps our poop once a day. Kidding. That would be the crappiest job in the world (sorry, I had to… I’m done with bathroom talk). Other questions are more difficult to answer. Questions like, “Where could you see yourselves living one day?” No matter what questions people ask us about living in an RV, I always enjoy answering them…unless they ask me how we drove our RV to Hawaii. People always ask that question and then laugh out loud like they just busted an Aziz Ansari joke… I don’t get it. I hope this post gives you a bit of insight into what it’s like living full-time in an RV. 1. Do you ever get tired of living in such a small space? No. Sometimes I miss h.... Continue Reading at Heath And Alyssa

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