2 WEEKS TO FINISH THIS OFF GRID TINY HOME | Details in our DIY Van Build (it’s crunch time!)

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Time is running out! Two weeks left to finish building out our Sprinter van in order to hit the road and travel the world. With all the small projects and divine details left to do, it's crunch time for our DIY van build! Watch the build from the beginning: https://bit.ly/2YO4Zss Video Chapters 00:00 - Intro 00:38 - Installing our Stone Backsplash Tiles 06:33 - DIY Curtains for our Passenger Van 10:52 - Jewelry Box Surprise for Abi 13:46 - Utah Landscape 17:15 - Sliding table for movie nights 18:33 - DIY Cupholders 19:14 - Happy Mother's Day 21:20 - Bloopers We're building an off grid tiny home and on top of that we're building on a budget! Are we crazy to tear apart our first camper van build? Yup, but we think these new improvements will be worth it. We didn't film much of our first DIY van conversion so we are very excited to be documenting how two amateurs do a Sprinter van build on a budget. Watch as Towanda 2.0 comes to life! This week, it's all about the divine deta.... Continue Reading at Nat & Abi

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