2 Months & Counting

2 Months & Counting
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It’s been exactly two months since we arrived on our property. I had a lot of anxiety at the time – unsure if we were making the right decision coming north. Did we pick the right place to go? Would we be safe there? Should we let Marshall come in our trailer? Would we be carriers of this disease? I certainly didn’t want to be responsible for bringing COVID to our county.

Two months in, we’re healthy and I’m a little less anxious but no less cautious. I nag the guys every time they leave the property to be safe – just because we’re remote we can’t get complacent.

Did we pick the right place to go? Well look at these goats. Whenever we need eggs, we walk a mile up the dirt road and pick up a dozen for $3 and visit with these sweeties. Jigsaw (the brown baby) needs a home or he will be winter stew.

Bri says we can’t bring him in the Airstream.

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