15 Organizations Advancing Diversity Outdoors

15 Organizations Advancing Diversity Outdoors
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As an outdoor enthusiast, you may be wondering what you can to do support diversity, equity, and inclusion in the outdoors. The recent prominence of the Black Lives Matter Movement has brought issues of inequality and racism in the outdoors to the forefront and has made us question what we can do to be better allies and help drive change.

When we say that we’re working to “make the outdoors accessible to all” by breaking down the barriers of things like time, money, and information, we’re not doing a good job if we’re not recognizing inherent inequalities and additional barriers that many People of Color face when looking to get outside.

Historically, many communities of color were excluded from outdoor spaces and recreation. Even today, many still face discrimination and underrepresentation in the outdoors, as well as higher barriers to getting outside. For example, low-income communities (which are often communities of color) ten.... Continue Reading at Bear Foot Theory

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