What are the benefits of solo training?

What are the benefits of solo training?
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As a coach I am often asked by athletes whether they are better off to go and do structured efforts on a solo ride or to join a local fast group ride instead? It is a good question which has a multifaceted answer and one in which I enjoy exploring with different athletes. As with every situation a coach must juggle and calculate all the factors involved. From an athlete’s goals, motivation, life situation, personality and of course their fitness level which can be the biggest determining factor in giving the best answer. Outside of current restrictions due to the COVID-19 pandemic, to make the decision on whether to say yes to your mates and go smash the local group ride or to clip in for a few soul searching solo miles a bit more informed we at Mind Matters Athlete Coaching have outlined some of the key training points associated with each option.

Riding Solo It is easier to hold a structured power or heart rate effort when riding solo. This can be helpful if.... Continue Reading at Marathon MTB

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