We Go Behind the Scenes of the SR Suntour Durolux EQ R&D.

We Go Behind the Scenes of the SR Suntour Durolux EQ R&D.
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First spied way back in February, SR Suntour updated their Durolux fork to sport a better negative air spring, adjustibility and less trail chatter. Pete caught up with SR Suntour’s Christoph Boesl and Arnaud Hacquard to chat through the development of their new Durolux EQ fork and how they go about offering something altogether different than other fork manufacturers.

What made you decide to make update the Durolux fork? CB: According to our Refined Simplicity approach we´re continuously striving to improve our product and make it more simple in terms of handling for our wide range of customers. And of course we are competing in a challenging market in many ways that doesn’t allow for taking a rest.

In this case the new EQ system (air negative spring) allows for a bigger air volume that gives us more room for adjustability from comfort (more linear) to a very sporty setup with increased progression.

Also the range based on ri.... Continue Reading at Wide Open MTB

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