We Chat to Cy Turner About Calling Time on the Cotic Soul.

We Chat to Cy Turner About Calling Time on the Cotic Soul.
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After seventeen years and five iterations since day one, Cotic have called time on production of their very first model, the Soul. It’s not often that bike brands kill off their first ever model, and the Cotic Soul had lasted almost two full decades with five refreshes. Pete had a chat with Cy Turner to find out the what, where and why.

How hard was it to call time on the Soul? It was a bit emotional, but it dropped out of the numbers when doing the stock turn review. It had simply dropped below our threshold in terms of sales volume, and when we all discussed it, we all realised that the ‘Soul’ type of rider had migrated to some of our other product lines.

As trails still exist, why do you think a trail hardtail isn’t what people are looking for? Up to a point that’s true, but riding and what those trails are has progressed too. When I designed my first Soul in 2002 to be my only MTB, to do a bit of everything, I’m pretty s.... Continue Reading at Wide Open MTB

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