#VanLife in Colorado During COVID-19

#VanLife in Colorado During COVID-19
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When the pandemic hit and businesses started closing, cities issued shelter in place orders, and masks became a regular part of each wardrobe choice (unless you’re Donald Trump), I read a story about what #vanlifers should do during this uncertain time. The author urged van dwellers and others on the road to park it at their parents’ house and sit tight. Which, I think was sound advice, if you had parents close by, the money to get to them, or a job that allowed you to be away for extended periods of time.

I didn’t have $1,000 to get to Florida and back, where most of my family resides. My close friends in the Front Range are essential employees (grocery, health care, public health) or lived in townhomes without ample parking. I deemed it selfish to insert myself into stressful days and crowded driveways. What’s more, my job is closely tied with Colorado schools, whose schedules remained uncertain through March. Basically, I couldn’t park it at.... Continue Reading at Elevation Outdoors

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