The New 2021 Surly Disc Trucker: My Honest Thoughts

The New 2021 Surly Disc Trucker: My Honest Thoughts
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The Trucker touring bikes by Surly are probably the most recognised touring bikes in the world. Go to any popular cycling destination, and you’ll find a handful of people riding them. Jump on Instagram, and lots of folks are using them for their cross-continental trips. There’s no doubt they’re great bikes, and today, there’s a fresh update to make the 2021 Surly Disc Trucker even better.

I’ve actually toured dozens of countries and pedalled more than 50,000km on a Surly Trucker, so I am very familiar with the bike. In fact, it was my first touring bike when I was just a wee teenager starting to explore the world!

This article will outline all of the changes, and I’ll provide my honest thoughts on the implications of this update.

The 2021 Surly Disc Trucker Frame Geometry You can see that the geometry has changed very little overall, with the exception of the taller ‘stack height’.

The frame has had a few .... Continue Reading at Cycling About

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