The $399 State Klunker Challenge (You’re Invited)

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The $300 bike challenge was a hit. For 2021, the challenge will be focused on State Bicycle Co's $399 Klunker, and you're invited. Welcome to the party of champions. Order your Klunker here: Challenge Details: Phase 1 - Party Of Champions in Virgin, UT We're all going to ride our bone-stock State Klunkers on Jem trail near Virgin, UT. We'll be riding our Klunkers April 17th, and camping several days beforehand. Phase 2 - Paint Contest Participants will paint/decorate/accessorize their State Klunkers in a contest to see who's is "best." Max budget of $40 in materials. Viewers will vote on the winner. Phase 3 - The Upgrade Contest Participants can spend as much money as they want upgrading their klunker. Feel free to get creative. We'll be riding these in Moab, UT, where eBikes aren't allowed, so no motors please. Phase 4 - The Party of Lunatics in Moab, UT We'll wrap the challenge up in Moab, UT in the fall. Dates TBD. Feel free to bring ANY klunker for this challenge, even if you didn't buy a $399 State Klunker. The plan is to ride big mesa, big lonely, and ramblin trails. Post up if you're going to participate. #klunker #theresapartyinthemountains #statebicycleco

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