Review: Orange Mud Transition Wrap 2.0

Review: Orange Mud Transition Wrap 2.0
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Post-ride change

Getting naked in public is not out of the norm for us as cyclists. I’m referring of course, to the ritual of changing out of our riding gear post-ride. Whether you’re opting to change outside or inside your vehicle, we’re either changing into our riding gear or changing post-ride — no one likes sitting around in a soggy pair of shorts.

I’ve been changing in parking lots for years now, both in and outside of vehicles. My go-to has been a microfiber towel, tucked at the waist, and silently hoping it doesn’t accidentally fall — leaving my goods on display. (sometimes accidents happen)

So when I came across the Transition Wrap 2.0 by Orange Mud, I knew immediately I needed to try this changing towel + seat cover.

Adjustable belt with a secure clip

Features The Transition Wrap is a microfiber, multipurpose changing towel and a seat cover with an adjustable belt and secure clip to keep it put..... Continue Reading at Bermstyle

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