Pedaling ovals (about oval chainrings)

Pedaling ovals (about oval chainrings)
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This piece originally appeared in the book Mastering Mountain Bike Skills v3, July 27 2017. 

People on the interweb have been asking me (Lee) what I think of the new oval chainrings.

Before I tried them, my response was “I don’t need no help. My pedal stroke is awesome. Those are for people who suck at pedaling.” 

Now that I’ve been riding a oval OneUp Traction Chainring, I’ll respond with more thought. 

What is an oval chainring? Shimano Biopace chainrings, made from the early ‘80s to the early ‘90s, had a smaller diameter when your cranks were level and a bigger diameter when they were vertical. The goal was to help you power quickly through the sweet spots (when your cranks are level) then carry momentum through the dead spots (when your cranks are vertical). 

Today’s oval rings are opposite. They have a bigger diameter when your cranks are level and a small.... Continue Reading at Lee Likes Bikes

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