One Big Ride: Greenhorn Gulch Adventure in Sun Valley

One Big Ride: Greenhorn Gulch Adventure in Sun Valley
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Sun Valley is a Mecca of big rides… everywhere you look around town, there’s another TH and a spider web of trails you can connect to really put yourself “out there”.  Less than 10 minutes south of town lies Greenhorn Gulch, a trail head that has a number of close-in trails that lend themselves to putting together rides that will push you to your limits, and yet you likely haven’t even touched the surface of that’s available.

Due to the coronavirus outbreak earlier this spring, we were unfortunately forced to postpone our early June trip to Sun Valley – so instead, we took the opportunity to meet up with a few folks, scout new trails, and link together rides that we’ll surely integrate into future itineraries.  This is definitely one of them!



Greenhorn Gulch Adventure: 23 miles, 4400 feet of climbing (and descending)  

Two big climbs, one beautiful tr.... Continue Reading at Chasing Epic MTB

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