One Big Day: Greens and Fooses on the Monarch Crest

One Big Day: Greens and Fooses on the Monarch Crest
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If you’re a regular reader of our blog posts, then you know this series is usually called “One Big Ride”.  But when we put together the idea of our 2020 Wildcard trip, we wanted to push the envelope for our riders.  And that’s where “One Big Day” comes in, because it’s not just one ride.  It’s two.

The Monarch Crest Enduro trip– which will be a staple on the Chasing Epic calendar for years to come- is all about the descents.  Over the course of four days, we put in almost 100 miles with over 22,000 vertical of downhill singletrack.  It was simply amazing, and our clients agreed.  On the third day, we did a double shuttle of two of the most fun descents anywhere in Colorado: Greens Creek and Fooses Creek.


Part 1: Greens Creek  


After being dropped off at 11,300 feet on the top of Monarch Pass, the morning’s ride started with a fai.... Continue Reading at Chasing Epic MTB

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