My favourite event: Transalp

My favourite event: Transalp
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As we move into a year unlike no other, being able to travel the world and race your bike seems like such a luxury! I don’t think I ever took it for granted, but as each week passes I’m left thinking about what race I’d really like to do, or do again. I also think about where I want to ride, who I want to see, and the places I want to explore. It ends up as a pretty big list, but when team mate Justin Morris asked what my favourite ever event was I was a little stuck – until I realised it was the Transalp mountain bike stage race.

I have completed Transalp 4 times between 2008 and 2013, and would still happily go back and do it again. And when people ask what it is about any event that makes me want to go, it often is a combination of the riding, the racing, the location and perhaps even the ’emotional experience’ that really creates the overall event experience and the desire to go back. But here’s why Transalp will always have an .... Continue Reading at Marathon MTB

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