microSHIFT Advent X Drivetrain Review – 10 Speed is BACK, and it’s REALLY GOOD!

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microSHIFT Advent X is a modern, 10 speed 11-48t wide-range drivetrain for under $169. That's derailleur, cassette, and shifter for $160. Not to mention, it weighs less than Shimano XT 12 speed. In this episode we put it to the test to see how it does. Advent X Shifter: https://bit.ly/2EwGd9z Advent X Derailleur: https://bit.ly/3hNFPlo Advent X Cassette: https://bit.ly/3072oet 10 speed chain: https://bit.ly/2SQU7Hh Do you need help choosing your next bike? Become a patron today for one-on-one bike consultation. patreon.com/hardtailparty Show your love for hardtails by sporting some Hardtail Party Swag (hats, shirts, hoodies, etc.): https://shop.spreadshirt.com/hardtailparty Other gear I use: My shop tools: https://www.amazon.com/shop/hardtailparty My glasses: https://bit.ly/3aXBeKp My tire sealant: https://bit.ly/2ULJirZ My pedals: https://amzn.to/2V9DzuK My ZIPP 3ZERO MOTO wheels: https://bit.ly/33G0Wjm What's in my water bottles (Tailwind): https://bit.ly/2Xbxy3q Hardtail Party Shirts, Swag, etc: https://shop.spreadshirt.com/hardtailparty My hooded sun shirt: https://bit.ly/38NdU1x My favorite grips: https://bit.ly/2H3pvj2 Support the channel and save some money by shopping using these links. Feel free to share these with your friends, but please do not post these discounts anywhere else, or we will all lose these discount codes. https://bit.ly/3dj2nZP - 5% off all RSD bikes using code "party" https://bit.ly/3kdfDm5 - The Hardtail Party collection at Club Ride. Discount applied to cart. https://bit.ly/2UwrmQq - Ryan Leech Connection: $19 off - coupon code "hardtailparty"​ https://bit.ly/2U8OyFE - Velocirax racks - 5% off using coupon code: "hardtailparty" https://amazon.com/shop/hardtailparty any time you shop on amazon using this link, it helps me. Note: some of my links are affiliate links. That means I get a small commission on purchases made using these links. You don't pay anything extra, but it helps support the channel. If you've learned something from my videos, consider using the affiliate links above. #microshift #1x10 #budgetdrivetrain

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