How to pump bumps for free speed

How to pump bumps for free speed
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Most mountain bikers have heard of pump tracks. Many have ridden one at their local bike park. With the right skills, you can fly around these dirt rollercoasters with ease. But did you realize that those same skills are immensely valuable on nearly any trail?

Pumping the trail on your mountain bike makes riding so much more fun! More specifically:

1. You minimize or erase impacts from hitting the fronts of bumps.
2. You generate speed on the backs of bumps.
3. You flow through bigger and nastier bumps, and it feels smooth and easy.
4. All of your riding feels better. Looking for awesome things you want to pump is more satisfying (and safer) than watching out for bad things that you want to avoid.
5. The pumping movement forms the foundation for more advanced moves including pump-manualing, hopping, jumping, technical climbing, and advanced cornering. The best riders will pump almost everything .... Continue Reading at Lee Likes Bikes

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