Here’s Why The 2021 Tout Terrain Silkroad Is Worth $6300

Here’s Why The 2021 Tout Terrain Silkroad Is Worth $6300
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In the last few months, I have written articles about fancy touring bikes, belt drive components, gearbox systems and all the incredible features you can find on custom bikes – including steering locks, guided cable routing and SL dynamo wiring.

During this period, Tout Terrain released a bike called the Silkroad which incorporates many things I’ve recently discussed, plus some never seen before features that will give us a good indication for where touring bike design is going in the future.

I contacted this German bike company because I liked their forward-thinking, I wanted to find out more information than was publically available and I wanted to share with you all the design considerations that go into a top-tier bike – because if you didn’t know bikes, the Silkroad kind of just looks like any bike.

Note: The above video was made in collaboration with Tout Terrain and it included a fee to compensate my time. This is not an endorseme.... Continue Reading at Cycling About

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