Formula for sweet drops

Formula for sweet drops
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Hey Lee,

I enjoy reading through all of your articles on your site, I have a question though that I have yet to find an answer to.

Is there a formula or proper way to figure how many feet away “y” the landing should be from the end of a man made drop that is “x” feet tall? I know that it has many factors such as speed, form, huckability, etc but I was just looking for a general rule of thumb on if it’s best to be 1:2 ratio, or what.  (1’ height drop, landing 2’ from lip)


Jordon Mallett

Hi Jordon!

And thanks for the thought-provoking question.

There is an equation! Here it is, from the Hyperphysics site.

Clear as mud, right? You can go to their site and run your own calculations. If you do that and you pay attention, you will notice:

(This all ignores friction and air resistance, boosting and squashing. This math assumes a completely.... Continue Reading at Lee Likes Bikes

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