Enjoying Cycling in Lockdown

Enjoying Cycling in Lockdown
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My cycling buddy

I know there are far important things happening in the world than home-trainer cycling. I hope everyone is well and I wish you good health. This post is just a type of distraction for me in these troubling times. Be well, stay fit.

I hate the home trainer. But my final bike ride was almost two weeks ago and ended a few minutes after the official beginning of the lockdown here in France. This post will detail a few ways I have tried to make my home trainer rides more enjoyable.

Here’s my top tip: If you are fortunate enough to have a balcony or a garden, put the home trainer outside! Fresh air is so much better than sweating inside.

My next “stupid” tip: Have fun with kit choices. My first ride I went full polka dots, including my sunglasses:

Since then I have worn:

Canada kit! Welsh kit given to me by a girlfriend of my wife when she saw me supporting Wales vs England in a Six-Nations r.... Continue Reading at Cycling Challenge

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