Dream Bikes: Yeti SB 140

Dream Bikes: Yeti SB 140
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With 27.5″ wheels, 140mm of rear-wheel travel, short chainstays, and low standover height, Yeti’s SB 140 isn’t designed to be the fastest bike down the trail, but it looks like it sure could be the most fun.

Featuring the Yeti take on low, slack, and long geometry, (65º HA, 77º EFF SA, 433mm chainstays, 460.1mm reach/1208.2 WB for size medium) the geo is spot on for trail riding play. The 140mm travel frame is paired with a 160mm fork, providing an optimal amount of travel to soak up mistakes but still retain a fun and poppy feel.

Also important — Yeti finally provides space to carry a water bottle inside the front triangle.

The downside: at $3,500 for the frame only (complete bikes start at $5,400) the Yeti is on the high side of the pricing spectrum (and out of the price range of many) and only available in carbon fiber. On the upside, Yeti now offers a lifetime warranty on new models.

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